Wednesday, January 7, 2015

I Hate Winter

I mainly hate winter because it is cold.  That makes me sound so superficial and spoiled.  Maybe that is true, but what is to like about being cold even with warm clothes and in a warm house?  One reason is that many of my neighbors, mostly unknown to me, do not have what I have.   

They live in sub-standard housing with the heat being on again off again depending on whether there is money to pay the bill.  Lots of folk think this is all right—even my friends, but I do not.  I hate the thoughts of children and the elderly not having what they need.   

I do not care if the children’s parents are addicted to drugs or what other reasons may cause the circumstance.  I want them all warm, fed and housed in good conditions.  Actually, we do not know what causes some people to care so little about themselves that they would let this happen.   

I always wonder if there is anything that I—as a single human person—can do or say to help them have a hand up.  I have tried many things over the years with many people.  Some things have helped, others not and mostly the results are unknown to me.  Yet, I feel making an effort is worthwhile.   

I know many other people feel as I do, but just not most of the people I know.  That makes me feel very sad and alone.  I feel like I am always an outsider looking through a different lens at a different world than most people.   

I hate winter and it is not just because I am chilly.   

©Patty F. Cooper, Elizabethton, TN January 7th, 2015

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