Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Meat of the Matter

Good news … the US Congress and the President signed a budget agreement.  The bad news is at   least one item in the budget is devastating for American consumers who want to know the origins of   their red meat (including pork).   

Now, the US may NOT put individual labels on its meat stating where the animal was born, raised or slaughtered.  The US lost their appeals in front of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and faced massive retaliation if they did not stop the practice of individual package labeling of meat.   

I am livid.  I want to know where my meat comes from.  I demand to know!  Today, I wrote to my two US Senators and my US Representative asking if there would be any laws broken if the food stores advertised where they get their meat?  Not putting on individual package labels, but just as a store or company policy telling us the place of birth, growth and slaughter of their meat products.   

With food safety becoming a greater threat all of the time, I think we consumers deserve to know the origins of our foods.  If, I hear from these representatives, I will let you know what they say.   

In the meantime, I plan to seek out a local slaughter house with a butcher shop so that I can know where the meat I plan to serve my family comes from.   

I additionally also want to know where the fruits and vegetables come from and I want to know every ingredient in packaged foods.  So, I guess, that I am truly becoming a fan of “eat and grow local.”   

What are your opinions on these matters?   

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